Thundercloud Is Heaven

Okay so if you have ever been to Austin, there is a chance that you have heard of the Austin staple, Thudercloud Subs. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re welcome. One of my favorite sandwiches. Ever. It is considered the neighborhood sub shop in Austin as there are so many locations it is likely that you will find one right in your neighborhood. I live on Riverside right off I 35 and I have a T-Cloud (I affectionately call it) 2 blocks from me. I also adore Thundercloud because they are all about community and giving back to the City of Austin. They host what is known as the Turkey Trot every year on Thanksgiving. It is the largest 5 mile run in the State of Texas! Wow, pretty cool! They raise money through it for Carnitas of Austin, a non-profit that helps the homeless.


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I really enjoy that this sandwich shop is about healthy and local. They pride themselves on fantastic ingredients that are as local as they can be. They have their bread, (which I swear has crack in it, nah just kidding, but it is addictive) made fresh every morning from a local Austin bakery. They additionally buy as many ingredients from local farms and places in Austin and they only use organic eggs. They also have gluten free options, so that’s a plus. They are always on the front lines of being health conscious. They have some cool vegetarian options like a hummus spread, guacamole spread, and cream cheese spread. The shop offers a something called ThunderSauce, which is a delicacy according to many of my friends. I am not that big of a fan because it is a vinegar based sauce and vinegar and me aren’t friends. Well, let’s get down to what I order.


Me indulging.

First of all let me just say that this sandwich shop is my happy place. When I walk in the door, I instantly feel elated that I am going to be treated to such an incredible, mouth watering sandwich. Once I make it up to the counter I order a large on wheat bread. In my opinion the wheat is better than the white bread, but I may just be biased. I then get both cheeses, American and Provolone. I then proceed to get lettuce, onions, sweet peppers, jalapenos, pickles, pepper and spicy mustard. This is the best combo I swear by it. I do recommend for all you first timers to eat the sandwich in the store. Often when I take it to go it will be soggy by the time I get it due to all the yummy fresh ingredients. It’s best to eat it right after it’s made in front of you. Well, there you have it folks. Basically this blog is just meant to get you to go to Thundercloud because it will change your life. Thanks!



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