Hey, Haymaker!

Hey guys! I apologize for the break in postings, but I am back and with an awesome local Austin eatery! This post is all about comfort and that comfort food that we all love so much! Being a vegetarian or pescatarian should not mean you cannot enjoy the deliciousness that is comfort food. Comfort food can be described as typically high in carbohydrates, and/or sugar that may provide you a sentimental connection to your home cooked childhood meals. That stick to your ribs, warm your heart kind of food. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you really haven’t lived and I am sorry for you. Although comfort food isn’t necessarily healthy for you, it’s nice to treat yourself every once in awhile to it. So, I decided to try a place in Austin called Haymaker. They pride themselves on serving good, hearty food inspired by the bars of the Midwest and Northeast. I personally love a good Midwestern bar as my family is in Minnesota. There is just a certain simplicity and good vibe in bars up North. For all you poutine lovers, they have that, too!

Haymaker Regionally-Inspired Comfort: Craft, Sandwiches, Beer, Poutine

Photo Credit: Patrick Y Wong

I will be frank in saying I originally went to meet some friends for a bomb happy hour special they have on Monday which is $2 dollar trash can beer. Check out the photo below for more incredible specials. Little did I know I was going to receive so much more than I expected! Okay guys so Haymaker has a vegan black bean patty, a grain burger, vegan Italian sausage, and vegan bratwurst that you can substitute on ANY of the main menu options. AND they have many grilled cheese options. I think I have died and gone to heaven. Can you believe the possibilities? Check out the menu for yourself. I have never been to a place that has so many accommodations for vegetarians and vegans. I really appreciate the fact that Haymaker does this, and takes the extra step to do so. My group of friends and I started with the homemade beer cheese to share as an appetizer. Wow! It had the consistency of pimento cheese and was scrumptious. It was also served with some well seasoned kettle chips. I highly recommend this as a starter. It’s a nice break from the traditional tortilla chips and queso that most places in Austin serve because there are plentiful Tex-Mex options. Okay, so on to the real magic.

After much debate with so many different menu choices, I finally settled on the patty melt with a black bean patty. I must toot my own horn here in stating that I hit the nail on the head! Wonderful, flavorful patty squished between cheddar cheese and Texas toast. It also had onions and pickles on it, which I think only adding to that classic, comfort taste. I cannot describe accurately all the happiness neurons that were firing in my brain after taking that first initial bite. The buttery toast had a nice crunch to it, but the inside was oh so soft and welcoming in my mouth. I am just amazed how much this tasted just like a normal, beef patty melt. Such an incredible choice for vegetarians! I can drone on and on about how good this was, but I will just keep it simple. One of the best comfort style meals I have ever had. Period. Go and try this place for yourself. I would love to hear what you think. Happy eating everyone!


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