Hey y’all! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my about page! Well let’s get down to it. Who I am? The name’s Bechtol, Kelli Bechtol. I am a 24-year-old living in the gorgeous and fun Austin, Texas. But man, everyone stop moving to Austin! Please! I’ve been here since I was five and it’s absolutely insane how much the city has grown. I think something like 150 people move to Austin a day! Yikes! I am currently a senior at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. It is about a 40 minute commute from Austin. I am excited to finally be graduating in December! Woo-hoo! I am studying communications with a focus in electronic media and my minor is theatre. Funny story actually, the reason I started this blog was because it was a class assignment from one of my professors at Texas State. This is one of the reasons I love my school. Texas State is all about encouraging students to get hands on professional skills to be used in the workforce. I have done so many amazing projects just in the last two semesters such as, made my own website, filmed a mini documentary, recorded news for the school radio, and created a prototype for an app. So, yeah. Go Bobcats! I am very proud of my school.


That’s me!

I am the public relations specialist at EdgeRunner Pictures, LLC in Austin, Texas. We make and produce films. We are open to any sort of film such as a feature film, short film, music video, documentary, or any other video project. Working in the film industry is my dream. I want to further my career and get into producing and directing. Can’t wait to see what the future holds! I also help as a marketing coordinator from time to time at FingerPulse Media, Inc. in Austin. Before I was I got into media, I was a nurse. Well, technically I am still a nurse as I have a license to practice nursing. I worked at the State Hospital and at a private pediatric office. I enjoyed nursing and I loved helping people. I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever though after falling 30 feet and encountered a near death experience. It was made clear to me that life is extremely short and I wanted to do something that made me truly happy: film. And here I am today, pursuing my goals and striving to achieve my dreams. It’s crazy how life works out and can point you in the direction or path you should be on. I’m trekking along right now and savoring every minute.

So, this blog. “Eat it, ATX” I decided to create because, let’s not lie, I love food and have a healthy appetite. I am not ashamed of it. Food is delicious and I devour it. No harm in that, right? I am a pescatarian. Pescatarian…? Is that a religion? No, a pescatarian is someone that does not eat meat, but does eat fish, sea food and shell fish. So, basically I follow what is known as a ovo-lacto vegetarian diet with the addition of fish, sea food and shell fish. An ovo-lacto vegetarian diet means I eat much more than just vegetables. So, I decided that there are likely people out there with a similar diet to me, that may live in Austin, and might want some advice on some great places to eat. Also, it’s an excuse for me to eat and write about it. Not a bad gig. I also eat fruit, grains, eggs, and nuts to name a few foods. Leading this lifestyle  has allowed me to be healthier and feel better about my carbon footprint on our precious Mother Earth. Don’t get it wrong though, folks! Just because I follow this diet does not mean I am deprived or missing out on food I crave! That’s just a little about me. Read my blog and you’ll get to know me more. I hope that some day in the future we share a meal, a laugh and a beer together. Cheers!